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Music for Abomi Nation Kickstarter Alpha

2017-07-11 17:11:39 by HelpThePoor

OrangePylon is developing a game called "Abomi Nation", which is a rogue-like, monster-collecting RPG inspired by Pokemon's challenge modes. He's got a Kickstarter campaign right now through July 29 in order to help him to be able to release the game by about April 2018. The current alpha version uses my song, "Pickin' Parsnips" for the first area, which is a farm area.

Check out the game, and pledge as little as $10 to receive a Steam key for your own pre-ordered copy of the game available at launch and get your name in the credits under "Special Thanks." If he reaches his Kickstarter goal, he'll be able to devote full time to it and finish it waaayyy faster.


The above images are fromĀ https://orange-pylon.itch.io/abomi-nation-kickstarter-alpha.


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2017-07-11 19:08:58

Thanks for the plug, and for the great song, dude! I think you can tell I liked it by how much I used it, haha.