4 Days Left in Stencyl Game Jam

2014-03-24 04:19:37 by HelpThePoor

Only 4 days left in NG's Stencyl game jam, and my game still needs a lot of work. Well, I didn't get any enemies done today, but I did make some spikes. Every good 2D platformer has to have spikes in it, right? Well, at least mine does anyway.

I wanted to make tiles for the terrain that sloped up and down, but when I tested them out I found that my character would not move up the slopes correctly. Since I don't have enough time to debug and re-do the character controller instruction blocks in Stencyl in order to get this to work correctly I'm sticking with perfectly horizontal tiles. Works for me, at least until after the jam is over. I spent some time making colorful terrain tiles and placing them freely in the scene to get an idea of how the colors would fit together, and then I got an idea of what kind of look I'm going to go for as far as terrain. I'll work on the tiles and scenes more tomorrow, as well as finally making some enemies I hope! Here's what the game looks like as of right now:


Thanks for reading!


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