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Music for Abomi Nation Kickstarter Alpha

2017-07-11 17:11:39 by HelpThePoor

OrangePylon is developing a game called "Abomi Nation", which is a rogue-like, monster-collecting RPG inspired by Pokemon's challenge modes. He's got a Kickstarter campaign right now through July 29 in order to help him to be able to release the game by about April 2018. The current alpha version uses my song, "Pickin' Parsnips" for the first area, which is a farm area.

Check out the game, and pledge as little as $10 to receive a Steam key for your own pre-ordered copy of the game available at launch and get your name in the credits under "Special Thanks." If he reaches his Kickstarter goal, he'll be able to devote full time to it and finish it waaayyy faster.


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I just released my 5th completed game on NewGrounds. It's called "Tapped In Space," and it's a simple retro-style space shooter that is played with just one button. I will probably release it on the iPhone as well, assuming everything goes well. Play it here now:



New game: The Block Effect

2016-09-15 22:47:11 by HelpThePoor

I finished another game, finally. It's a match-4 puzzle game, similar to games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush, except probably mine is a lot harder and requires more thinking, planning, and luck. To be honest, I found it kind of frustratingly difficult, but maybe some people will like it this way. Here's a snapshot: 


Here's the link if you want to check it out:

I attempted to do Ludum Dare 31, but I started late and didn't finish it before it was due (as usual for all of my game compo attempts so far). But I did finish it, and you can play it here on NewGrounds at

Diamond Gobbler ScreenShot


Well, I put my last four game projects on hold temporarily because they began to become fairly complex and time-consuming, so I decided to make a simple game very quickly. The result is "Run, Jump, Meow." It's a fast-paced run-and-jump platforming game with a cat that jumps over rooftops. It's a pretty simple game right now, but I have plans to expand on it and make it much better. I just wanted to put it up now to see what people thought of it so far.

Feel free to play it, rate it, and comment on it at Your feedback will help me to improve it.

Thanks for reading!


Well, today I decided to redo my Stencyl game I've been working on in Unity instead. No offense to Stencyl, but this is the first time I've tried to make a game in Stencyl, and I'm finding too many limitations that prevent me from realizing the game mechanics and effects that I have planned for my 2D platformer. Also, I've noticed that my Stencyl game runs pretty choppily because of frame rate drops. I haven't noticed that problem in Unity yet, and plus Unity seems to allow much more control for game dev than Stencyl. I just wish Unity had a tilemap system like Stencyl does...

Well, here's a screenshot of the game so far. I've got lots of more artwork to make, especially art for backgrounds.


My latest game not finished in time for Stencyl Jam.

2014-03-29 00:31:10 by HelpThePoor

Well, I tried really hard but I couldn't finish my game in time for the Stencyl game jam due date today. But I'm going to keep working on this game because I think it's got good potential to be really fun (at least for those of you who like 2D platformers).

Some games that I'm drawing inspiration from for game mechanics and artwork for this game are Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Bubble Bobble, Cave Story, SkullFace, Spelunky, Labyrinth: SoS, and Underbyte.

You are able to shoot enemies and even jump on certain ones. Right now I have only one enemy, but I plan to make many more. I originally planned this as a type of game where you must collect all the special items in a level before the time runs out, but that may change now that the Stencyl jam is over. I'm definitely going to keep working on this game and then upload it to NG when it's finished. Here's a screen shot of the game so far, but it's probably going to look much different when it's finished. This is just a scene I've been using for debugging and testing game mechanics.

Thanks for reading!


4 Days Left in Stencyl Game Jam

2014-03-24 04:19:37 by HelpThePoor

Only 4 days left in NG's Stencyl game jam, and my game still needs a lot of work. Well, I didn't get any enemies done today, but I did make some spikes. Every good 2D platformer has to have spikes in it, right? Well, at least mine does anyway.

I wanted to make tiles for the terrain that sloped up and down, but when I tested them out I found that my character would not move up the slopes correctly. Since I don't have enough time to debug and re-do the character controller instruction blocks in Stencyl in order to get this to work correctly I'm sticking with perfectly horizontal tiles. Works for me, at least until after the jam is over. I spent some time making colorful terrain tiles and placing them freely in the scene to get an idea of how the colors would fit together, and then I got an idea of what kind of look I'm going to go for as far as terrain. I'll work on the tiles and scenes more tomorrow, as well as finally making some enemies I hope! Here's what the game looks like as of right now:


Thanks for reading!

OK, here's my second post for my game I'm working on for Stencyl Jam 2014. I've spent about 18 hours since my last post on the game. I got the controls working well (I hope) for the character movement, and I also made a pixel-drawn character and animations for the movement as well. I'm happy with how the little guy turned out. If I have time to add ladders, then I will make character animations for climbing and descending ladders, but it's looking like that probably won't happen before the 28th.

I also made it so the character (I don't have a name for him yet) can now shoot plasma charges which now are able to explode on impact with anything. I drew the plasma charges and explosions using the pixel tool in Pixelmator, which I think I am slowly getting the hang of. Next I plan to work on animations and programming some enemies to blow up. But first I'm going to sleep. Oh, here's a screenshot of what it looks like so far:


Thanks for reading!

Attempting Stencyl Game Jam 2014 - Am I crazy?

2014-03-21 23:56:59 by HelpThePoor

Yes, I am crazy. That's why I've decided to commit myself to making a game for NewGrounds' Stencyl Game Jam 2014, which ends on March 28th, one week from today. Here's why I'm crazy:

The game jam was announced a whole month ago, but I only found out about it one week ago, at which time I had never used Stencyl before. Plus, I am very new to game dev. I only started trying to learn game development just over a year ago. I've only completed one game (which sucked btw) up to this date. I've never done a game jam before, and I started my first one now when it was more than halfway through, and the way I started it was to cram like crazy to learn Stencyl as fast as I can. That means about 12 hours a day on average on game dev. But it is so much fun! So, yeah, I'm crazy...

So I'm going to make the next few posts to show my progress on the game I'm working on, a 2D platformer game, if anyone is interested in this kind of game dev. Don't expect much the first few posts. I've spent the last 2 days programming the run and jump movement of the player, as well as programming moving platforms that will allow the player to ride and jump off of them correctly. I decided that Stencyl's built-in behavior for run and jump movement is terrible (no offense, Stencyl), so I started making my own from scratch. It's been a buggy process, but progress is being made. Here's a snapshot of what I have so far.


Don't expect the final game to look anything like this. What I have here is a simple test scene I used to work out the mechanics of the player's character movement. There is much more artwork to come, as well as more mechanics. I'll probably give the character a gun to shoot enemies. I also plan to make the main character look completely different. This one now is a bit too wide and so it makes the gameplay a bit awkward when trying to fit through narrow openings. Creating the character animations for idle, run, jump, shoot, hurt, and die in Pixelmator are my next immediate goals.

I plan to also do the music myself for this game jam. I worked on one song, "Stencyl Jam 1 (WIP),"  last night and I uploaded it here:

Thanks for reading!